My Brain Has a Mind of Its Own

I got some bad news earlier today (nothing life or death, just a little disheartening.)

When I went to dance rehearsal tonight, I was feeling a bit down, but not too far into the 3 hour long rehearsal, I had forgotten all about it. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, this worn down feeling would come over me but with no immediate recollection of why. I had to actually remind myself where this feeling was coming from.  And it happened two or three completely different times.

It got me thinking about what was going on in the back of my mind and it reminded me of this very interesting article I read yesterday from the always interesting blog, Cosmic Variance.

“Schacter believes that pieces of data relevant to any particular memory — times, images, sounds — are stored piecemeal in different parts of the brain. When we want to “remember” something, another part of the brain assembles these pieces into a (hopefully) coherent picture.”

It’s a fascinating article about how what happens in the brain when we remember something is very similar to what happens when we imagine something in the future.

And tonight at dance class, some emotional part of my brain was thinking about the unpleasantness before my conscious brain was immediately aware of it.  The emotion came before the thought.

How interesting.

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